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English- How much or How many?

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      Clara Mutambara

      5 August 2021

      From the buddymeet lesson.

      Type your work and fill in the correct answer using How much or How many.

      *Please do not write answers only.


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      Clara Mutambara


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      Russell Mupudzi

      1. How much shares do you really have?

      2. How much bad behaviour are there in your society?

      3. How much can you speak?

      4. How much did you exercise this morning?

      5. How many cousins do you have?

      6. How many sins are there in the world?

      7. How many lies do you want to say?

      8. How much do you know yourself?

      9. How much can you jump?

      10. How many books are there in your bookcase?

      11. How many times must we pray?

      12. How much bread do you need?

      13.How many branches do they have?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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